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In spite of all of the pain and turmoil in my family I can still count my blessing. I know that Jesus lives within my heart, I know that without my faith, Life would be so much harder.

I found this site and I know that the friends I have found here, will be in my heart forever. Divorce is not the end of life, it is the end of one relationshop. I am so blessed to have so many other relationships.

While I spoil myself with chocolate bunnies, and colored peeps, I will count my blessings and I will know that tomorrow  and each day there after is a gift from God. 

I wouldn't be here without the help of God. I believe that deeply and firmly in my heart. I've been hurting but when things got to my breaking point (and believe me that point happened more than once through this ordeal) the Lord picked me up from the edge and kept me here for His purpose, whatever that may be. Miracles have happened in my life so this Easter resonates especially strong for me.

One of the ways the God helped me was to show me the way to this site so that I could "meet" this incredible support group. For the life of me I cannot remember how I found FWSN. I just remember once I started posting with you guys, I didn't feel like God was making be face this alone.

Happy Easter to a site full of wonderful livesavers. Hope you are all blessed today

Happy Easter, wish everybody all the best!

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