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I read a really interesting article the other day about getting ready for a recession. I know some people say we're already in one, while others caution that a recession is on the horizon, but I can tell you that everyone I know has been tightening their belts and watching their money a little more closely. This article had a long list of things you should be doing now to get ready for tough times ahead.

After I finished reading the list, I thought to myself that another thing I should avoid in a recession is this: getting divorced.

If I were to leave my husband right now and go get a tiny apartment for me and the kids I could probably make it with the money I earn right now — just barely — but that would be without health insurance for me and certainly without the daily stop at Starbucks I enjoy nowadays.

If the car breaks down, my goose will be cooked. If I need to fly home for a family emergency, it will be bad. If a recession hits and all of a sudden I start losing some of my freelance jobs and can't replace them with new ones, I won't be able to make it. If gas prices climb and the cost of groceries keeps going up, I'll be in big trouble.

If you're wondering if money issues are one of the reasons why I've been apprehensive about leaving, then yes...they are.

It would be different if it was just me. I could deal with eating Top Ramen all day long and camping out on a friend's couch if I couldn't afford to rent my own place. But I have a responsibility to my kids. I can't expect them to go from a relatively middle-class neighborhood with Mommy and Daddy to suddenly spending half their time in a dumpy apartment with Mommy, who, by the way, only serves Top Ramen.

I know some women have no choice but to leave. Women who are in physical danger get nothing but my utmost respect for packing up the kids and leaving, no matter what type of living arrangements they wind up with as a result. As for me, though, I have a tougher time with the idea of leaving because although I'm not necessarily happy, I'm not in any danger, either.

Perhaps I should start playing the lottery.

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