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 Discussing divorce, relationships, and heartaches is easy. Many of the issues are the same: hurt feelings, arguments over money, fear of the future.

Many issues are not.

There's a huge difference in situations between a woman in her 20s with no children and a good job leaving a husband and a woman in her 40s with two kids leaving a husband who has supported her for 20 years.

A single woman in her 20s has way more chance of picking up the pieces to move on to something better. There's a greater chance of starting over, of finding Mr. Right, of getting out in the social world. She can focus on herself. She can go out. She only has herself to worry about.

But a woman in her 40s with kids and a poor record of work history is going to struggle. Getting out, for this woman, is probably as good as a trip to the grocery store with kids hanging off a leg, begging for cookies or toys. She's probably dressed in sweatpants, has messy hair, and is worried about whether her debit card will pass at the cash register.

Is that an unrealistic perspective? Is it an unfair one? I don't think so.

I'm sort of in the middle. I have kids, and I'm closer to 40 than 20 in years. But I have a good job, and while my ex had supported me during some periods of my life, I mainly got by on my own steam. I wear sweatpants to the grocery store, but I'm young enough that I might get a second glance or two while I'm there.

I can't help but feel, though, that by the time my kids are grown, my freedom is back and when I'm ready to move on with moving on, I'll be too old. I think I'm over the hill. I won't have the pick of the litter and I'll have to work on integrating myself back into society a little harder.

Maybe not. What do you think?

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