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Divorce can be overwhelming and in some cases can leave you to be paralyzed emotionally, physically and mentally for a time. The devastation of your marriage ending and keeping it together after is almost equivalent to being knocked out during a boxing fight by your opponent and trying to get back up before the referee calls the win to him.

Like a boxer who may have been knocked down many times in the ring it can leave painful scars mentally even when the boxer has retired from his profession. You may feel like you can't remember things like you use to anymore. In fact you may feel something is wrong. Is it early dementia? Am I going crazy? Why when I go to the refrigerator I can't remember what I wanted to get?

Well you are not alone in this thought for I am sure all who are reading this have experienced someforgetfulness during they're divorce process. You may wonder what can I do? Will it always be like this?

Here are 5 tips to help you rebuild your cognitive skills.

  • Write it Down. Be it a yellow stick-it, a journal or a daily planner, our minds can become so cluttered with what we have to do for that day, thoughts about the past, the future, your kids, finances etc that the brain can become cluttered. So a good way to start de-cluttering and compartmentalizing things of worry in our minds is to Write It Down. Some of the best novels and songs were written from people who experienced severe heartache. Maybe you are not inspired to be a New York times bestseller , but when you write things down you make room in your mind. The thing is to not rent  space in your head anymore of the things you can't change.
  • Exercise. Remember the last time you got on the treadmill? or when you went on a power walk alone or with a friend? or when you went for a yoga or dance class? How did you feel when you were done? I bet you felt good! I bet you felt like you sweated out your worries and gained some clarity to things going on in your life. Well that is the importance of incorporating an exercise routine in your life. Doing things that give you a workout but that you like doing. Exercising can put you in a better mood about things. When you feel so frustrated and you just wanna yell and hit your ex take a kick boxing class! Its invigorating and your letting off a lot of steam. But exercising is one the main ingredients to gaining a healthy memory back, during and after the divorce process.
  • Getting a Goodnight Sleep. We worry about so much sometimes we can't sleep. We toss and turn at night adding to the worry that the morning is coming and how will we ever survive the day. Having a good bedroom arrangement can contribute to a goodnights rest. Not having someone laying next to you can be difficult to bare and be the main reason you feel like you can't sleep. This may sound funny to some but maybe getting a cute teddybear or a full body pillow to hold can be of comfort in those moments when you feel you need something to hold. Sleeping refreshes you and prepares you to take on your thoughts and the day better.
  • Eating balanced meals. How do you function when you haven't eaten all day? Your probably like most grumpy, and a little weak. We may forget to eat or not want to eat due to all that is going on in our heads. But just like writing, exercising and sleeping all coincide and help greatly in maintaing a functional memory having healthy balanced meals not only makes you a pleasant person but keeps your mind sharp along with everything else.
  • Sex, and Lots of it. Last but not the least this maybe far from the minds of those who are deeply heart broken and not really thinking about sleeping with there stbx or anyone else for that matter, Sex by far is the most liberating thing you can do to rebuild and restore a healthy memory. Not just any sex but great sex. Having sexual intercourse is effective to the body and the mind. Having a sexual appetite can awaken ideas for other areas in your life. In those moments you are more free then you are anywhere else and at that time its not about whats going on outside its about how you want that person to make you feel. Remembering to always be responsible no matter who your with just like sleep, sex is that great escape. Even learning how to have fun alone (masturbation) helps. 

So Rebuild, Remember and Be Happy! 

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