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"My Amazing New Friends!! I have never in my life had so much support and felt so much love as I do from my friends on this site!  I have talked to some AMAZING, CARING, and WONDERFUL people in the short time I've been a member.  At such a low-point in my life, with all the crazy emotions and mood-swings, there are people who know just what I'm going thru and their advice has helped me tremendously!! I just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart and much love to you all!" 

"Quite literally I feel like the folks on this site have saved my life. The pain I felt initially was unbearable and the wonderful support I received from the members here helped me have hope, understanding and put me on the path that I truly believe in my heart is right for me. There is no way I could have dragged myself out of the pits without FWSN. No way. Like you, I was barely functioning and couldn't see past the next minute of my life, much less the next day, week, year or future. I'm not whole yet. I know that and I haven't resolved everything with myself or with the MLCer but I'm stronger and I am starting to believe I CAN do this. So let me add my thank yous to everyone here as well. This is such a great community that does such great things just by simply providing us a place to feel safe to talk about our experiences. {hugs} to all." 

"I have felt the same way. When all this happened in my life I felt so lost, alone, abondoned. I sat by myself and cried my eyes out. I was functioning at a minimum level with everything I did. This is not like me as I typically give everything my all. How I came about this site I can't recall or perhaps this site came to me. Instead of continuing to cry over what had happened I found a little strength to reach out to anybody and everybody. I'm truly amazed by how much support I have. I reconnected with family and friends that I lost contact with, family and friends close to me stepped up and I have made new friends through this website and other outlets. None of this would have happened had these circumstances not come at full force. I also want to thank eveyone on this website for their stories, their advice and their continuous support. The more we share with one another, the more we as individuals learn and grow and understand that this is not life ending but rather a temporary challenge that will strengthen us and prepare us for better days ahead.(((Hugs))) to all!" 

"I'm still very new to this site, but have been dropping in pretty much daily because just reading what others are going thru really helps me to keep things in perspective. It's a rollercoaster process, but I'm starting to level out and see that I will make it thru this and I will be better off without him. Thank you all - you are all strong, caring people - and I'm so happy to be getting to know you." 

"I agree with you all 100%, this site and its support is amazing. I love knowing that there are people who truly understand what we are going through and if we need to laugh or cry at least we can do it with people who understand. I hope that we can all one day look back on this and know that we got our strength and love from people that really cared. xxxx"

"There's not much better than having someone to turn to when you are feeling lower than low... people who can relate to you and understand and send love and strength and power ~ so it's great to hear that you are happy with what you are given.  This is a site of promise.  It will take you in when you are broken, it will enfold you in a thousand arms and it will hold you up until you can stand again.  We will help you find your way and help you learn how to fly.  The power of sisters... and a few good guys...  and the promise of a bigger and better world ahead. love from maya x"

"This site is a blessing. Thank You — Just wanted to thank all of you for the support to get to this point of my life . 6 mos ago I never thought happiness would be in my life. To the women or men on this site that feel like they will never find joy again . You will . I still have my bad days but for the most part it is better. I have a long road ahead but there is a NO fail option ! We will all succeed. My advice is talk about your situation to people u trust or therapy . Also keep comming to this site . We are all here to support each other. Wishing u all happiness.."

"This site is wonderful. I think that people all understand the struggle we have gone through and that there is light a the end of the tunnel."

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  • Comment Link Lynda Tuesday, 03 May 2011 20:14 posted by Lynda

    This site gave me a chance to: This site gave me a chance to put my feelings into words in a productive way that not only helped me to heal, but entertained me during times when I thought I'd drop off this earth. The responses from my friends always support my feelings and make me stronger.
    Lynda xo