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I mean (some of) you just got divorced. Are you really ready to jump in the sack with someone else? I know I wasn't, so I didn't. I feel compelled to ask, What is it that makes women prematurely seek out relationships and casual encounters? Do they really need a man that badly?

Or is it the fear of being alone that compels someone to look for Mr. Right-Now?

Some of you who are reading this post probably think this has nothing to do with you. You may be right. For others, this may have struck a chord. Either way, I hope everyone stops for a minute and thinks this one through.

To all of you, I ask this question: How well do you really know yourself? You know that you hate peas, love Journey and all that, but what about the difficult questions? Why are you afraid of being alone? How satisfied are you with the last five years of your life? What would you have done differently, had you had the chance? What's that thing you have always wanted to do, given the opportunity?

Here's your chance to find all that out.

I recently stumbled across a poll that reported that 80% of the women regretted having casual sex - sometimes, if not always. That's an awful lot of disappointment to voluntarily add to one's life. Given all the other uncontrollable misfortunes in one's life, why add more problems?

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  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 04 September 2011 18:11 posted by Guest

    Speaking for me: I haven't had any casual sex and don't think I ever would. The thought has crossed my mind. I just miss having sex. I went from having sex almost everyday to not at all. The adjustment was not at all that easy. I'm still adjusting but I really miss sex.