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Below is a sample budget worksheet, a reminder of sorts, to help provide you with an overall generalized summary of what you need to budget for each month as you plan for your life post-divorce. Above all, it's important to think through everything before you make a settlement with your STBHX, particularly if you have children.


  • Mortgage or Rent           
  • Homeowners/Renters Insurance           
  • Property Taxes           
  • Home Repairs/Maintenance/HOA Dues           
  • Home Improvements           


  • Electricity           
  • Water and Sewer           
  • Natural Gas or Oil           
  • Telephone (Land Line, Cell)           


  • Groceries           
  • Eating Out, Lunches, Snacks           


  • Child Support           
  • Alimony           
  • Day Care, Babysitting           


  • Insurance (medical,dental,vision)           
  • Unreimbursed Medical Expenses, Copays           
  • Fitness (Yoga,Massage,Gym)           


  • Car Payments           
  • Gasoline/Oil           
  • Auto Repairs/Maintenance/Fees           
  • Auto Insurance           
  • Other Transportation (tolls, bus, subway, taxis)           

DEBT PAYMENTS:           

  • Credit Cards           
  • Student Loans           
  • Other Loans           


  • Cable TV/Videos/Movies           
  • Computer Expense           
  • Hobbies           
  • Subscriptions and Dues           
  • Vacations           


  • Food           
  • Grooming, Boarding, Vet           


  • 401(K)or IRA           
  • Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds           
  • College Fund           
  • Savings           
  • Emergency Fund           


  • Toiletries, Household Products           
  • Gifts/Donations           
  • Grooming (Hair, Make-up, Other)           
  • Miscellaneous Expense           
  • Total Investments and Expenses           
  • Surplus or Shortage (Spendable income minus total expenses and investments)

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  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 06 February 2011 19:56 posted by Guest

    Budgeting is critical to your credibility: It's really important to do this carefully and to maintain it methodically. My husband's former wife never met a spreadsheet or a bill or a piece of paper she couldn't lose or misfile. As a result, her "demands" for money lack any credibility. She demanded child support (when she let their 20 year old move in with her!) and insisted that it be $1721/month. When he asked for a break down of her increased costs after the son moved in, she said "I could get out all the bills and calculate it, but you don't want me to do that because the number is actually much higher." Months later, when she finally did calculate based on actual bills and invoices, she reported that the figure was $137/month -- less than ONE-TENTH the amount she initially claimed. That is huge blow to her credibility. Don't let it happen to you!