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A divorcing or divorced woman's life is often so filled with a million little things to manage in the day-to-day journey through the process, the "to do" list can quite conceivably become overwhelming.

And while we can often remain focussed on the details, tasks and checklists that keep us legally secure and financially protected, we often forget about our own personal happiness through the divorce process — or rather, what some might consider our emotional "to do" list.

So, a member on our social network recently posted the following to-do list, which we found wonderfully inspiring and spoke to the emotional reminders we should all post on our "to do" list as we navigate our way through our divorce.

The to do list:

  • Find a way to let go of the anger.
  • Forgive him for the pain and sadness inflicted on my heart.
  • Forgive myself for not being able to live this life with him anymore. 
  • Mourn the loss of what I thought my life would be.
  • Do the best I can do to make this transition easiest on my kids.  I love them more than life and hate having to put them through any pain... ever.
  • Figure out what to do with the house.  To sell or wait a year, that is the question.  I can't continue to go on with that huge burden over my head.  Just make a decision and stick with it!
  • Let go of the sadness. 
  • Forgive...

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