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You're finally divorced. You've managed to get through it with a modicum of sanity. And even though you were a SAHM (stay-at home-Mom), you've managed to set up a new life for yourself, for your son or daughter, or both.

You've even started a new career and have begun to move on in a healthy, positive direction. And just when you realize you're through the most challenging part of your life, you're faced with the realization and challenge that your ex-husband's new wife is a nut job.

His wife is a sociopath!

"She lies, manipulates and has no conscience.  My ex even took her to our counselor when he realized she wasn't dealing with reality in one of his lucid moments. She never admitted to having the affair, and now that is their "truth," as if I made it all up!

My son wants his Dad back so much. This man is nothing like the man that fathered my children.  He sold his soul to her and lost himself. Even my son knows that he isn't acting normal, but keeps hoping... Help!"

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