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Sometimes we measure our worth through someone else's eyes and wonder why its hard to get the respect we feel we deserve. Well, how do you view yourself? Do you talk down to yourself? Do you say I'm fat? I'm not beautiful? I'm a bad mother? I'll never be happy? I'll never have someone to share my life with?

As it turns out, these negative messages that we send ourselves via brain reads loud and clear to those we meet even amongst friends and family. If we don't like ourselves how do we expect others too?!!

Divorce in itself can take so much away from your esteem and thats why it is important that we begin to feed ourselves positive messages. If you've always had self-esteem issues this would be the best time to build a better view of how you think of yourself.

Start focusing on the things that you do like about yourself (ex. I have pretty eyes, I have a nice smile, etc.). Once you start to develop a positive outlook on life and about yourself, not only will you notice the difference and start to feel better , but others will see you differently as well!

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