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One truth that always seems to show up in life has to do with self-sabotage. When we're faced with challenges, it's quite common to find ourselves sabotaging our best efforts. This is primarily due to fear, insecurity, lack of faith in the goodness of the Universe, impatience with transitions in our lives -- and lots of related mindsets.

When we catch ourselves in thoughts or behaviors that are self-destructive, that is the gift. For then we can consciously make the decision to think or act in a different way, thus changing the outcome for us.

Catching yourself in the act of self-sabotage is a difficult achievement, very worthy of accolades and self-respect. I challenge you to pay attention to your life this week, catch yourself in the act of being or feeling less than you really are, and stop in your tracks to soak in and acknowledge your awareness. Awareness is the key to all transformation.

Going through divorce is an especially vulnerable time any individual, especially when you are a parent and have children continually on your mind. We are particularly suseptible to self-sabotage when our guard isn't up. I invite you to share some revelations with us about facing self-sabotage and choosing another path when you do. This is true liberation!

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