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STBXH, Wasband, OW, Himbo? Who knew online divorce slang was becoming such a growing second language?

The conversational slang, acronyms and initialisms around divorce used in blogs, emails, and even texts these days is an ever-growing library of abbreviated terms. For the newbie, keeping up can often be confusing, if even a little bit overwhelming.

So, a member on our social network recently posted a humorous summary of the latest divorce-centric slang being used by the divorced and divorcing women of our community, and agreed to let us feature it.

She writes, "I noticed we all use an endless amount of acronyms and slang on here, some of which I know, some of which I don't, much of which I see the newbies don't understand .... So I thought I'd write up my own personal overview of Our Ladies of FWW's online slang guide :) Hope you like :) Hope you laugh :) And above all hope you'll add anything I might have forgotten!"

(The following is not alphabetical)

STBXH: Soon-To-Be-Ex-Husband

WASBAND: Refers to your Ex-husband once your divorce is finalized. Also can be called "X" or "EX."

OMG: Refers to "Oh My God!", "Oh My Goodness", or "Oh My Gosh", and often is used as an expression of disbelief over something the STBXH, or even the Wasband, has done.

WTF: Translates to "What The FU#%" and, similiar to an OMG, is usually said after any unbelievably cruel, stupid, or obnoxious thing that our STBXH or Wasband has done.

MAN-CHILD: A husband with a mommy complex who we end up having to support and take care of.

HIMBO: Similar to a man-child, whereby we wind up becoming a "mother-figure" to our husbands. HIMBO's usually don't work, rather they are stay-at-home-Dad's (by their choice, not ours) who we end up having to take care of, nurse, and financially support. HIMBO's, and Man-childs for that matter, often graduate to STBXH's and then to Wasbands once we come to the realization that they will never grow up.

DI#$HEAD EX: A descriptive phrase for the STBXH or Wasband, reserved for very servere moments of shock, horror or some act they've comited that merits a WTF, or maybe an OMG, reaction. Even though we try to keep our blogs as clean and as free of expletives as we possibly can, sometimes there are no other words in the non-slang, English dictionary to express our feelings and really let it out.

GF: Translates to Girlfriend. The woman our STBXH has either left us for, or our Wasband ends up with after our divorce.

OW: Translates to "The Other Woman." Pretty much the same thing as a GF — the woman our STBXH has either left us for, has started seeing midway through our divorce or is trying to start a new life with, post-divorce. Can also be known as the destructor, the home-wrecker, a hussy, strumpet or harlet, or any number of other expletives. In our bad moments of anger, she can be known as a slut as well, but we need to remember to keep our dignity and self-respect, even though the GF, STBXH or Wasband may have lost theirs. That said, the OW can also end up being a friend, oddly enough, and not as bad as we may think. Either way, the first time we see her is always frightening and a blow to our self-confidence.

Please note, there are instances where the STBXH falls in love with an OM (the other man), another Wasband or even possibly a Himbo. In these cases, GF becomes BF, and we often end up needing a psych evaluation, particularly if we have kids.

HELPPPPPP!: Used when we need a rally of support from our girlfriends here on FWW. Most commonly used on our first intro blog (preferably in the title or subtitle), but often summoned in the midst of navigating the travails of our divorce.

FB: Short for Facebook, or the place where we ... 1) often first have the chance to see a picture of the GF/OW our Ex/STBXH is dating, or 2) sometimes where the GF or OW reaches out to us in some some oddly perverted attempt to "make friends." WTF?

X-hale: A term used to force a silent, zen-like respite from the drama and OMG moments that seem to occur way too often throughout our divorce. Usually stems from things the STBXH does, which we are often aghast over.

A typical chain of acronyms leading to an "X-hale" moment would be as follows: WTF or OMG, followed by STBXH and OW on FB, WTF again, then a HELPPPPPP … leading to an X-hale.

I Don't Give A ----!: A standard response to any and all comments about the Ex, STBXH or Wasband. Insert the appropriate expletive of your choice :)

Men Are Such ******: Much like "I Don't Give A ----", a fun little phrase that lets our imaginations and tempers run wild, while not fully committing to the actual descriptive word in print.

PROacted:  A phrase used when we take positive steps forward. More specifically, when we choose to do the right thing as opposed to getting overly emotional and doing or saying something we regret to those around us while we're going through or moving beyond our divorce.

GO GIRL: Short for "You Go Girl!" Often delivered in the real world with a shift of the head back and forth and a raised snap of the fingers, but online, and more appropriately here on FWW, considered words of encouragement, often promoting inspirational support for you to pursue the postiive path you're on, or, if need to be, to kick ass, take names and don't take sh#% from your STBXH, aka the Dickhead Ex, Man-child or STBXH, or from his OW/GF or OM.

LOL: "Laugh Out Loud" ... something we all need to do more of, because in the end, laughter heals all wounds .............

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  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 19 November 2010 09:59 posted by Guest

    SM and SS: For the mothers out there:
    SM means Step Mother, also the OW.
    SS means Step Sister
    SB means Step Brother

    For the men that commented on this blog, you're so off base in writing what you wrote. This was a blog about the divorce slang that WE as women use here on the social network. Of course there are men that are productive and supportive etc. But there are men that are not.

    Grow up!


  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 10 November 2010 10:57 posted by Guest

    Irony: How ironic! You say "HIMBO is stay at home who we end up having to take care of, nurse, and financially support. HIMBO's, and Man-childs for that matter, often graduate to STBXH's and then to Wasbands once we come to the realization that they will never grow up...", doesn't this apply to MOST if not ALL women?

  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 10 November 2010 08:51 posted by Guest

    Don't men have any comments: Don't men have any comments on divorce? Or are we too busy working two jobs to pay off the witch for abandoning the marriage? BTW, for what it's worth, I refer to my ex as MoMC, "The Mother of My Children." Anything else I thought of couldn't be printed in a family website.

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 09 November 2010 05:24 posted by Guest

    Acronyms: Here in the UK we use STBX ( soon to be ex) for those about to embark on the divorce and of course at some stage FFS is often used in conversations about ex partners.

  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 08 November 2010 22:17 posted by Guest

    I knew about most of these: I knew about most of these acronyms but some of them blew me away....

  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 08 November 2010 22:14 posted by Guest

    LOL meaning: LOL = 'Laugh Out Loud'