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Please post these findings everywhere in your house with post it notes:

Pharmaceutical giant, Bayer Shering Pharma, polled 1019 people about their mood swings throughout the day, and discovered men were most likely to be agreeable to whatever you ask them at 6pm.

So if you want to increase your chances of getting a man to do something, ask him on time, said our friends over at

The report does not mention whether it was better if these men were fed or unfed at this time which could sway the findings.
You may want to try this twice, once while holding a meatball hero, once after handing over the meatball hero.

Certainly this finding will come in handy if you need to 'discuss' something with your ex, like can he pay for the kids field trip to Washington?

On the flip side, If a man wants something from you,  like for you to allow the kids to go on vacation with him and his new 25 year old girlfriend......... tell him to call you at 3pm.

If he gets voice mail and you don't get the message till 4pm, suggest he try you again some other day. Repeat this pattern until the plane leaves without the kids.

The findings showed that we could all get what we want more often if we capitalize on the phenomena of mood swings, by being aware of the human body's natural biorhythms.

Attitude is everything!

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