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For most of us, being divorced is a tough road to tow. And with today's economic circumstances, it's even tougher. But it's not just our finances we need to be concerned about.

According to Forbes Woman, all sorts of "bad habits boom in a bad economy"; habits such as increased smoking, overeating, little or no exercise, short tempers, excessive napping, and, as a result, disrupted sleeping patterns. Even pot use, sleazy sexual behavior, surfing porn, or shoplifting are mentioned.

With unemployment at an all-time high, we all are being being bombarded daily, even hourly, with news, statistics and drama about the economy, and it's no secret that most of us have great fears about how long this nightmare is going to continue. But with any crisis, whether it be divorce or the recession, isn't the real answer being part of the solution instead of exasperating the problem?

After all, isn't adversity the best engine that drives creativity and solutions?

Even though we can't solve the national unemployment rate, the debacle in the housing market, or spiraling energy costs, or even fix out own problems over night — we can pay attention to our own personal and physical health, and with a little focus on some of the smaller changes in our lives, turn a "downturn" into a real "turning point" in our lives.

With that, we asked a number of divorced women to list some of the simple little things they did that not only helped change their economic situation but also helped change their lives. Here were the top 7 responses:

  1. Pursue new hobbies: photography, writing, card playing groups, candle making, needlepoint, meditation, starting your own business, collecting coins, embroidery, ball room dancing, travel.
  2. Surprise friends you haven't been in touch with by sending a letter or email or joining Facebook and reconnecting.
  3. Explore ways to help others in need and volunteer for charity work that interest you (,, United Way, women's abuse organizations, homeless, pets etc)
  4. Spend more quiet time with yourself and spiritual renewal.
  5. Re-evaluate how you spend money and simplify what is "really important." Set a goal for how much you want to save each week and put it somewhere (separate) where you can see it and watch it build. Compare prices more than ever ... using as many coupons as possible (,,,,,,,, Look for sample sales, many are on-line in your area
  6. Go for morning walks, watch less TV, visit local museums and see new neighborhoods.
  7. Have recipe get-togethers with girlfriends (international theme nights, exotic recipes, unusual desserts, famous sauces etc).

Please feel free to add to this list below. Even though divorce is a challening journey, it can also be treated as a moment to break old habits, explore new things, pay attention to a healthier lifestyle, and make new choices in our lives.

And if you're looking for support from other women going through what you're going through, be sure to join our private community. There are women in all stages of divorce here, filled with lots of compassion, love and sound advice. It's an incredibly supportive place, and we're all here for each other.

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