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Divorce is about change, whether we like it or not, and one of the biggest changes most of us are faced with as we work through the challenges of our divorce is loneliness. 

Even though some of us may have children and family who can certainly help quell some of the feelings of loss and loneliness, we are suddenly faced with being without a partner in life, without a companion; without someone to reach out to emotionally and lean on or confide in. In many ways it’s like losing a limb, and we have to learn to walk through life in ways we never thought we’d have to at this stage in our lives, without the support of a life mate.

Of course, we all have different stories, and some of us are better off without the man we once lived with, but loneliness is still a significant factor, no matter what the situation. In fact, loneliness is one of the most common emotions people experience that have recently gone through a divorce no matter what the reasons or specifics are.

It’s important to realize though that while divorce may start out as a lonely stage in life, and even a scary one, it doesn’t have to stay that way. And the reality is you’re not alone, certainly not here within our social network, where you'll find thousands of women supporting each other through divorce. Whether you're contemplating, navigating or moving beyond divorce, there are women in all stages of divorce, filled with lots of compassion, love and sound advice.

We’re all here for each other, and the issue of dealing with loneliness is discussed often.

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