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So we often hear about the popular places women go to meet men, ie: the gym, the grocery store, bars, book stores, hardware stores, etc.  But I want to suggest an unusual one — one that was inspired by a little story my married girlfriend Sue told me last weekend:

You see, Sue’s SUV was in the shop undergoing repairs. Consequently,  she ended up having to drive her husband’s BMW for the day.  ”I was really nervous driving it,” she said. “I was 100% focused on driving carefully cause I knew Jacob (her husband) would KILL me if I got in an accident.”

But it didn’t take long for her awareness to expand it started while in the grocery store parking lot:  “Men were doing double takes and smiling at me.  I actually checked my fly wondering if I’d left it open. (laugh) But then I realized it was the CAR.”

During pit stop number two, her thoughts were confirmed.  “As I was getting in the car at the shopping mall, a man suddenly walked up to me and started casually chatting to me.  He then gave me his business card with his phone number on it and told me to call him!”

“Have you ever heard of this happening before, Amelia?” she laughed.

I shook my head. “Hey, I drive a minivan. I have no clue!”  And truth be told, not only did I not pay attention to men’s cars, I found the reverse to be true for me: if I saw a man in his late thirties/early forties driving a fancy car I’d think “Mid-Life Crisis car”, not “Man I want to meet.”

So might Sue’s experience be the norm? Might men be programmed to look at nice cars and when their eyes then move to the driver and they see it’s an attractive woman, they get all excited?”

Just out of curiosity, I asked a couple of male friends what THEY thought: does a woman driving a fancy car get their engines revved? Both responded “yes!”  Seeing her would at least cause a warm smile in her direction. But the thoughts “sugar momma” and “someone has a rich husband” also came to mind…

“Maybe you should go rent a fancy car one day and see what happens,” my girlfriend suggested playfully.  “Oh, and by the way, I wasn’t looking particularly fantastic that day either.  I mean, I’d done my hair and had on my regular makeup but I was just wearing jeans.  Imagine the attention I’d have received if I was dressed up!”

So there you have it ladies food for thought anyway. If you have some free time and extra money to spend, maybe a car rental for the day is in order. Some high-heeled shoes…a flirty smile…and of course, no kids in the back seat. Could be a fun way to feel a little fabulous and who knows, maybe even meet Mr.  Right or Right Now – a lot can happen before the clock strikes midnight and it turns back into a minivan!


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