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My 2010 diet of choice is the green tea diet I read about in Woman's World Magazine. The gal in the photo lost 7 pounds and 12 inches in a week without giving up her favorite foods. The new diet requires the equivalent of 9 cups of green tea a day and a stack of Depends if you’re on the road. A combo of green tea and a green tea supplement seems more prudent.

I’m to aim for a 900mg daily dose of "catechins", the active ingredient. One cup of green tea = 100mg of catechins, thus 9 cups = 900-mg. Hmm. I sped over to my local GNC.

At GNC I analyzed the green tea pills, the green tea extract in the dropper, and Jackie Chan’s XTRAGREEN beverage mix with 8X more anti-oxidants than regular green tea. Three "Jackie Chans" a day = 900 polyphenols and 300 mg EGCG. Sold!

Two "Jackie Chans" in, I decided to soft scrub my kitchen counter. Two hours later I won the Soft Scrub Kitchen Counter Olympics. I also dismantled a houseload of Christmas decorations, did six loads of laundry, and took silver polish to the tarnished champagne bucket given in tribute to my Father 27 years ago. Whew! I still hadn’t caught on.

Only while carrying the six foot Xmas tree out to the garbage with my pinky did I stop to reflect — on Jackie Chan.

Holy Green Tea! No wonder he’s unstoppable in those action movies. Mind you — I wasn’t feeling hyper at all, just extra energetic and sparked by the impressive new Chinese research that proves you can lose 32 pounds and 6 inches from your waist without giving up your favorite foods. I have only one concern: are three "Jackie Chans" enough if it’s all about the catechins?

I have emailed the Jackie Chan people and am awaiting an answer. Seriously.

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