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I can finally walk again as of yesterday — its been about 3-4 weeks since I Kickboxed myself into an MRI. I don't understand it really, because the first 197 of the 200 kicks went just fine.

I was so thankful I didn't need surgery.  And I was actually thrilled to instead find out I have arthritis in my left knee and a Bakers Cyst — both doable.

Next: The cash funds that were taken fraudulently from my bank account two weeks ago by some unscrupulous person who managed to steal my identity and purchase everything in Target in Elmhurst, Queens will be returned “shortly” after the investigation is finished. "Shortly" being the operative word here.

Thankfully there are good bottles of wine for $8.99.

Next: The nice girl driving the huge Ford van from the local group home who crashed into my parked Jaguar last night as she was pulling out of the parking space next to me was really sorry — probably sorrier that I happened to walk out with my sausage stuffing at the exact moment she was hoping no one saw.

Good thing too, because according to Geico this morning, I somehow don't have collision coverage. Go figure things that slip by you.

The words you just read happened to be an exact excerpt from a holiday email I wrote to my college roommates this morning.  One of them, Robin, wrote me back after reading it, saying that I have an uncanny way of turning the worst situation into humor and finding the good in it.

Yes, Thankfully I have been given that gift.

So here's my Thanksgiving Message:

I hope that you too can turn whatever isn't so great in your life this holiday into humor and find the good in it!

Thanksgiving is about family, and friends who feel like family, and reaching out to those without either.

Reminder: No matter how dysfunctional or reconfigured your family is, you don't own the market.

Acknowledgement: There are “empty chairs" at tables everywhere, and we all  grieve for relatives and friends who used to be with us.

Thankfully: For most of us, there are still many crazy wonderful amazing people who fill  our lives and those remaining chairs.

Remember to take the day to be grateful for what IS good.

Wishing you all a peaceful Thanksgiving.

I will end this blog with the news that I'm about to start cooking ,and I can't seem to work my “self cleaning” oven, which is a very bad thing because the smoke alarm went off continuously last time I cooked.

THANKFULLY, I know a guy I'm going to call right now who can fix it.

Attitude Is Everything!

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  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 27 November 2009 14:03 posted by Guest

    Saw no Black Friday deals on new legs so...: ... looks like you're gonna have to roll with it Sabina. Thanks for checking in with your story. Focus on the good leg and get out there and kick it up. Debbie

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 26 November 2009 17:03 posted by Guest

    Bakers Cyst: when I read your story about the Bakers Cyst and the do-able "Fix", I just HAD to write to you. This year in March I suddenly developed a torn meniscus disk and that particular cyst in the left knee. Now it is November, and I finally had the Arthroscope surgery, after they sucked out the cyst. Talk about lengthy hassles and limping around with a cane for the next 3 mos! They did, however, find some Arthritis, which makes is worse. To this day, I do not know what actually caused the torn meniscus. I did not have a sudden injury. Here is hoping that you will be fine shortly, and that I will have the fortitude and good sense of humour to think of my current predicament as mere annoying pain. I just wished I could simply buy a new leg! Toodles, Sabina