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I’m looking for a hotel chain here in the US. who wants to save marriages. That’s right, we’re talking about a “prevent-a-divorce” package. I just read that a Malaysian state government says it plans to offer free honeymoons to save the marriages of couples who are on the brink of divorce. Love it!

So should some smart hotel marketing executive who reads my blog.

This version of Bed, Bath & Re-Bond might just do the trick to give couples some intimate space to remember why they fell in love in the first place, and maybe keep a few families from embarking on the divorce highway.

Ashaari Idris, a government official in northern Terengganu state, says troubled couples will be allowed to spend two nights at the state's scenic islands or beach resorts to help them rekindle their romance under a "Second Honeymoon" program. However, couples who enroll in the program must also undergo counseling.

Love it!  A perfect First Wives World joint venture with…

Marriott? Sheraton? Hilton? Hyatt?  

(Psss- We can also discuss the aftermarket opportunity…day rate coupons for the marriages that don’t work out. But that’s for another discussion)

Attitude Is Everything.

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