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Divorced women back in the dating game refuse to be depicted as a bunch of sex-starved idiots who pounce on young men.

If there's one topic I will defend 'til the end of time, it is the right for a woman of any age to find romantic pleasure with anyone she wants at any time without being made to feel self-conscious. Women are already self-conscious about just about everything thanks to the invention of  "air brushing."

We divorced women are disappointed in "Cougar Town," the new sitcom that debuted last week on ABC, and we cringed watching it because it was crude. Proof is in the blog comments from "the girls" on my previous blog, “Cougar Town Writers Should “Scrub” Their Mouths With Soap’, which I really hope keep on coming in to show just how powerful this demographic is. Divorce Saloon checked in on this with us and feels the same way.

Unlike what  "Cougar Town" would imply about our lives, pouncing on young men is not at the top of our daily to-do lists. We're more likely to pounce on a pile of laundry since we barely have time to get to that. If we use crude language, it's likely to be about the pile of laundry.

Not that divorced gals don't aspire to romantic encounters of the sizzly kind; we do, but as we test the awkward waters of new romance, in older bodies, for goodness sake we'd like a little sensitivity. We hold up the world for so many around us to thrive and survive, we typically put their own needs last.

Now we are giving ourselves "permission" to seek pleasure at the same time gravity has decided to kill us.  Figures. We're all just trying to figure it out.

One thing is for sure: We deserve pleasure as often as possible, in whatever form it comes.

Therefore, if pleasure should happen to come in tight black 34-36 underwear, so be it!.  We don't have to apologize!  And we don't have to wash them either!

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  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 14 December 2009 14:03 posted by Guest

    I'm a 38 year old divorced: I'm a 38 year old divorced lady, who has a 21 year old boyfriend. We met in an online chat world and became good friends. We didn’t know each other’s age for while cause we didn't bother to ask.
    He seemed mature and around my age so I just figured he was. I was no newbie as it is called, to
    online chat worlds and I knew there was a chance he would be younger and not under age because the chat world I used was protected against children getting in very well around that time.
    When I did find out his age didn't matter because he was only a friend I was married after all not happily but still married. After my separation he and I spent more time together online and on phone. He really helped me thru my divorce I don’t know if I would have made it without him.
    I lost everything my house, kids, husband and any life I knew for 16 years. I was forced to
    go to work something I had not done in 16 years so it’s not like I have lots of money like some
    of the ladies that date younger men and pay for everything they need. We met in 2007 and he
    came to live with me in summer of this year. He is so kind and sweet he is nothing like my ex
    and he doesn’t treat me like he did. I was abused off and on for 16 years physically and mentally.
    This new man and yes I call him a man even though he is considered by some to be just out of his
    teens, loves me unconditionally and I love him more than anyone I have ever loved in my lifetime.
    I hate the term Cougar last time I looked I didn’t have fluffy ears or a tail so why call me that?
    I look younger than I am been told I look around 25, I am down to my lowest weight I have ever been since I was in high school. I turn heads of young men I didn’t even go looking for this wonderful man I’m with now he just showed up in my life.
    I have seen the show you are referring to on TV just the advertisements but I refuse to watch it
    even if the main actress is a favorite of mine. When someone asks me if I I’m a Cougar I mostly just smile sweetly and pretend I don’t know what they are talking about like when the first person who asked me that question when I didn't really know what one was and felt allot better knowing I was not looked down upon. If I’m in mood I just say "No I don't think so I have no fluffy ears or tail”.