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Men — Please pay attention to this genius of a guy who put a rose at his wife's bedside every day for 60 years. He figured out the formula for a long and happy marriage!! 

So, Quick: Go cancel your cable or whatever and transfer those funds to your florist. Give your wife a rose a day and you will live happily ever after!

I tell all the guys — over and over and over again — It's SOOO simple to make a woman happy. Little gestures that make a woman feel adored and desired will keep a flame burning in a relationship!!!

You must remind your woman that she is the absolute object of your affection OFTEN! Every single day is not overload. 

Trust me — anything less could be considered underload.

Women suffer from 'relationship amnesia' when it comes to the 'good stuff.' The bad stuff, on the other hand, they NEVER forget.  Sorry.

A woman needs to be reminded OFTEN that she is still the most beautiful and desired woman to YOU!

We women get bombarded with sexy media images of much more perfect airbrushed women every day. We want to know that you are ignoring them. That no matter what, they can't compare to the amazing woman you are lucky enough to have by your side.

A rose a day — WOW — you guys just have no idea how much golf and sex and peace that could buy you.


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  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 27 August 2009 19:07 posted by Guest

    A Recipe for Success: Wow, what a recipe for a happy marriage. It's a shame not too many men take the thought of doing something each day, though I must confess we women could take a little extra care too.

    And let's face it, it doesn't have to be a rose, a note under the pillow reminding you of how loved and special you are can be just as effective.