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I think I embarrassed myself last night. I ran into Kim, who is another mom from my kids' preschool. We were at the same restaurant, so I went over to her table on the way out so our kids could say hi to each other. She was with another woman who I had never met, so after we exchanged pleasantries Kim explained to her that my husband has been gone.

"Oh, no…" she said. She gave me a horrified look and asked me how I'm managing.

Maybe I'm getting too honest, or maybe I'm so relaxed with my husband being gone that my mental filter has warped, but my response was probably entirely too impulsive, as I said, "Hey, I like all the time I have now."

They both looked at each other, then looked at me as though I spoke a foreign language. Kim's friend said, "Time?" as if to confirm that she actually heard what I said.

I fumbled over my response, and from what I remember I said something along the lines of, "I get to have time to myself after the kids go to bed" or something like that. Both ladies then gave me a look that could only be described as thoroughly confused, and it became painfully apparent that they live in a different world than I do.

I almost called Kim today to try to back-pedal. I wanted to make it sound more like I meant that I get more work done now that he's gone. Maybe I'd claim that I have insomnia now or something…whatever I had to do to explain the comment I made. That would have been ridiculous for a couple of reasons. First off, it would have been a blatant lie because I sleep great now, and secondly I hardly know Kim so calling her out of nowhere would have been very weird.

I'm going to have to try harder to appear sad that my husband is gone.

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  • Comment Link Wednesday Tuesday, 24 March 2009 10:48 posted by Wednesday

    Why?: What purpose does it serve to keep up a public charade of a happy family?

    When my ex would travel for business, I loved it. I rarely missed him. I got so much done without him around.

    I should have taken that as a sign, that he was much, much more of a burden on my life than a blessing.