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We've gathered knowledgeable, dedicated divorce experts from a variety of fields to lend their advice and perspectives. Our experts include lawyers, healthcare professionals, certified professionals, and everyday women with insight into the topics that will help you stay empowered.

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Sex. We need it. Gotta have it. But how does sex fit into your new life?

Well, for most everyone, it's an endless array of questions: When is it time to start dating again? Can I meet someone just for sex? What STDs do I need to be aware of? What dangers should I avoid with online dating? How much should I shave "down there"?

Well, lucky you! Because we've assembled a stellar group of experts to provide advice, tips, and answers to all your burning questions — even those you might be afraid to ask your best girlfriend.

From your astrological sex forecast to ideas for creating an erotic bedroom; from tips to creating an online profile that will land you a hottie to the fine art of self-pleasure (batteries not included)…

Join sexpert Dr. Victoria Zdrok, relationship expert Andrea Syrtash, dating consultant Erika Moore, astrologist Constance Stellas, and interior designer Gregory Allan Cramer as they walk you through the ins and outs of sex and dating after divorce.


Tips on Getting Back into the Dating Game

Sex After Divorce

What You Need to Know About Online Dating

Reclaiming Your Post-Divorce Bedroom

Astrology and Relationships, Finding the Right Match

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  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 15 April 2010 13:32 posted by Guest

    Sex After Divorce - Unanticpated Issues: The first time I had sex after divorce was VERY disappointing. It was with someone I had known for years and always had a "spark" for, so the initial awkwardness was not a problem. We started meeting for dinner and the holidays were near, so we decided to spend them together since our children were scheduled to be with the ex's. It all started out great and we had a great time together watching movies, eating popcorn, and playing around. When the action started though, he lost his erection during the middle of it. He was as embarrassed as I was. We put our clothes back on and tried to make the most out of the last two days together, but we never attempted to have sex again. We did eventually talk about it and came to realize that the medication he had been taking for a heart problem was the issue. I guess we were both relieved because we thought it had something to do with the other. I entered this new arena with the mind-set of a 20 year old because I had been out of the dating game a long time. I have re-entered with a whole new perspective after researching issues that may arise due to the age and health of a chosen partner.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 31 December 2009 10:23 posted by Guest

    Sex After Divorce: Women are different and there are those divorced women who feel that sex is no longer a need in their lives. There are others who want to renew the sex vigor at all costs. Sex after divorce faces many challenges because divorced people often go through depression and a lot of anxiety inhibiting the libido to lower-than-average.
    Your husband is always the best person to have sex with but now that he is your "ex-husband" ditch him completely. Do not have sex with him. There are possible proactive ways and means of jump starting your sex life but do not make that mistake of sleeping with the enemy. If he loved you, you would be still together. Sex after divorce with your ex-husband causes emotional entanglement which can actually set you back. It eats on your self-esteem slowly by slowly. When most divorced women feel lonely the first person they think of is their ex-husband. Make a rule that always reminds you that your ex is your ex and you should stay away from him. I know you prefer sex with him due to safety issues but you can still enjoy safe sex with a stranger as you turn him in to a friend.