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Now that you’re “Divorced with Kids” instead of “Married with Children”, do you find yourself blaming your divorce for every little quirk in your kid's personality? More importantly, does your kid?

If you could climb into a time machine and travel to the future to find out from your kids just how much you think the divorce might have SCREWED them up, would you do it?

Well, while we don't have a time machine, here’s what we can offer: A panel of grown kids who—GASP—actually survived their parents’ divorce to provide us with a unique brand of expert insight on divorce: What helped them, what could have been better, and what just “totally sucked”.

Strap yourselves in and join Alyssa, A.J., Antonio, Vanessa, and Justin as they journey back to their parents’ divorces. Perhaps you'll see your life (and your kids) reflected in theirs. Or perhaps you'll just see a glimmer of hope through our small portal to the future.

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