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"Adultery, cheating, being unfaithful, having an affair"... all words we dread to hear when it comes to our marriages. But according to a poll of divorced and divorcing women, 43% of women's marriages ended because of infidelity, and 37% said infidelity was one of a factors their marriages ended.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, there are a number of reasons to hire a private investigator to discover the truth as opposed to you going about it yourself:

  1. Whether or not there is cheating going on, not knowing can drive you crazy and cause damage to your mental state.
  2. For your own sanity you should not witness the affair yourself, because your emotions can sometimes lead to tragic outcomes.
  3. If there is an affair going on, professional testimony falls to your favor more often than not in a court.

But when is the appropriate time to contact a private investigator? Above, Debbie talks to private investigator Jerry Palace  to help determine when the time is right to contact a professional.


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  • Comment Link Angel Reyes Saturday, 28 May 2016 09:39 posted by Angel Reyes

    Is this a free i suspect my husbsnd sees another woman daily, when he goes to work, he gets paid salary so he is able to leave work when ever, he lusts over every lady who is attractive he sees, but he denied all, before his mother passed she said her son was a womanizer, so i always have this feeling that i dont fully trust him, a gut feeling hes doing something, or also if its not a female it could be a male he could be bisexual, he behaves very gay sometimes, i see no manly in him, very femine, everytime i question him he yells amd hoes crazy, like hes giilty, i honestly feel lile i married someone i don't know, im always afraid, he blames all on me, he behaves like he is this perfect man, and pushes me awsy and blames me, he shows no love no intrest in sex, his work hours alwsys change he says he doesnt have time when he gets out. I need help please...

  • Comment Link selfmadeamy Friday, 11 March 2016 12:41 posted by selfmadeamy

    If you know you not ready for a relationship/ marriage / commitment why get into one and still cheat and liar. I was dying inside for my cheating spouse, i had no prove, no one to run to. Everyone thought i was paranoid. until i was referred to RSN remoteserversnetwork@gmail. She understand me well and help me hack my spouse number to find out the truth. I just want to openly say thank you. Contact her today, she can help

  • Comment Link Cecilia Monday, 16 November 2015 23:47 posted by Cecilia

    A dear friend has had health issues lately. He had a mild stroke. I left him a message to see if he was okay. He forgot to to delete the message. His wife few over to make sure he was okay. She found a phone message. Her husband said that she hire a detective to come after me. He said don't answer the phone if she calls.

    I moved to another state, which nothing shows. Can she hurt me? What will detective do? Everything shows me living in CA.? Please I am scared

  • Comment Link sam Wednesday, 12 February 2014 21:45 posted by sam

    Hi iv been married for 14 yr. my husband has alway throughout the 14 yr said that im cheating n does not like me talking to my friend. i have never done anything like that ever, but alway makes me fell like iv done something wrong. The bast few months iv seen a change with him. More careful where he leaves his phone taking phone call out off the room where I be. First didnt think much about it before until I saw a woman pic next to my car thn a few months later just texting from his phone n seeing another text saying "hi sexy u ok got her number too now . But dont know how to confront him about it.

  • Comment Link Katie Tuesday, 23 April 2013 11:00 posted by Katie

    To: is my man cheating?
    Do you mean you married him knowing he cheated? One thing I learned from the Oprah Winfrey show was what her mentor taught her: " when someone shows themselves to you, believe them." He showed you that he was a cheater so how could you ever trust him without trying some type of counselling to see if you could fix your problems BEFORE he became a chronic cheater & before you invested that much time into someone who obviously knows they can get away with it & you'll stay. We teach people how to treat us & he learned he can disrespect you and you will stay. Wouldn't it be better to be alone & moving forward to finding a quality man than being hurt over & over again? Also look up emotionally distant men, it sounds like what you are describing and you deserve better than that. Please leave & find happiness for yourself if he won't attend counselling sessions with you or you will always be home alone. I wish you the best!

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 07 March 2013 18:55 posted by Guest

    How would I get a private investigator?

  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 13 August 2012 23:30 posted by Guest

    I am unsure if my husband is: I am unsure if my husband is cheating. I can't fiqure out how he has the time to. He works comes home and stays up late goes to bed wakes up and so on until weekend maybe he does signs because he has a small business doing signs so he may have time on the weekend but he usually takes our 5 yr old daughter so not sure. He is the supervisor on 2nd shift at work though and basically everyone reports to him so he could at work really nobody would know. He doesn't want to have sex with me anymore? Says he is burnt out or whatever. We have had a lot of problems been together for 12 years 6 married. He has been caught online by me many times porn and chatting with other girls including some of my ex friends. found p. o. box not our address he bought that was about 4 years ago though. so many things at the beginning never caught him actually cheating though. and now he may be different but all of a sudden he doesn't want sex anymore what? He is 35 but this is just not like him. It is almost like I have to have high heels and mini skirt on for him to give me any attention at all. I am really not sure but have always wanted to investigate just to put my mind at ease finally. Although maybe now he is different we have 2 kids but maybe I am purposely being blind. ugh I hate this. I love him sooooo much and always have he just is selfish that just it.

  • Comment Link Guest Saturday, 28 July 2012 09:40 posted by Guest

    Cheating husband : Hi, about a year ago my husband phone recorded him and his chick talking and his phone mistakenly dailed my number, anyway they were talking and that night I confronted him about it. However a couple of mouths ago before that I went for my yearly pap smear and found out in the mail that I had HPV at the time the letter came to the house I talk to him about it and asked him if he was cheating he said no, 1 to 2 months later i herd the voicemail. We have been together since 1995 and been married for 2 years. We were comfortable living as an Unmarried couple we now have a 15 year old son and soon to be 3year old twins. Now things are not the same I don't trust him at all and as far as our sex life it's not healthy at all. I still think he's cheating and he shows all the signs. What should I do?

  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 09 July 2012 10:56 posted by Guest

    If he cheated on you before: If he cheated on you before its more likely that he is cheating on you at this moment. And I am sorry to say this but if he married you is probably from jealousy; meaning doesn't wanna see you with another Guy. Sounds confusing but its so true. So think about it, its never to late, oh btw don't try to find out yourself if he is or not because he will get very aversive and you don't want to see a man like that, cause he will do so much stuff to you. So be careful and think about UT..and don't stay with him just because you love him. There's other guys out there who wouldn't do this to someone... so once again think about it. :)

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 01 May 2012 15:29 posted by Guest

    is my man cheating?: well to start off with our relationship was great. then several times during our relationship he cheated, i stayed because he kept begging me to. then after we got married he grew distant. he started ignoring me, not wanting to sleep by me, not talking to me. and just recently he wants to hang out at the club alot with his co worker. i dont know what to do. im lucky if we have sex once a month. if that. i need some advice. im not sure what to do.%

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 04 December 2011 00:20 posted by Guest

    Hey my man cheated I found: Hey my man cheated I found out the same day he had sex for the first time with the othet girl . I have to beautiful girls with him but I feel like he may do the same thing again. I feel like I should just leave him and I just dont wan him around my kids if I leave him sinces he had the ballz to say that he did not have any kids and just spend the time with that b__ tch . She was 36 year old and Iam 21 can u believe that

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 13 February 2009 21:53 posted by Guest

    help me through this: My husband and I have been together for eight years and have always faught not bad but it was pretty good fights always calling names and hurting each other to make one another feel even more worst . But the last few years have been awful he and I have been in jail me once and him twice me for pushing him and him for choking me and pulling me by my hair out of our house and locking me outside. He is a good man but has a very bad temper and always has had a bad temper even with his family he is very angry all the time November he decided that he was tired of being with me and tired of the fighting but now everything is my fault and he and i still have been sleeping together but he has this friend" as he puts it that he hangs with all the time she is very pretty and skinnier than me and a little younger he is always with her the other day when he stayed the night i went through his phone and there were messages from her to him about being naked and he told her he wanted to see im so lost and alone i have three childern but i still cant get the emptiness out or move on with my life im so hung on him and what he is doing that it is really driving me to think that why am i here i cant take anymore pain from him he has told me he wants a divorce but is always coming here to get some and then he leaves and i allow him to just so i feel like im still something to him he tells me he loves me but dont want me but still comes over and has sex with me and tells me he misses me and our childern being at home he is 27 does he really want the divorce or is this his way of having a wild hair is he sleeping with that girl i really need a friend that knows what they are talking about to help me through my feelings and this seperation somebody anybody please help me Thanks Sandy