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Do you want to be in business for yourself but are apprehensive about what it takes to market your business to prospective clients and partners? Debbie's guest Heather Dominick, of the EnergyRICH Success Program, shares how you can keep your inner fears in check in order to reach your goals and create a profitable business doing what you love.

Listen in as Heather explains how to partner your inner and outer approach to business so you're generating more money as an entrepreneur by learning the following:

  1. How to follow your intuition with confidence and let it lead you to success.
  2. Why now is the best time to start a business and create the income you desire.
  3. How managing your emotions, stress and overwhelm can open the floodgates to your abundance.
  4. How to instill authenticity in your marketing so you can attract clients who are the perfect match for you.
  5. How to release fear, worry and frustration about money 
and start earning what you’re actually worth!

For more on the EnergyRICH program, go to

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