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Divorce and breakups can be devastating even to the most resilient women. And even though all of our situations are different, some of us find ourselves suffering from low self-esteem and depression as we navigate our way towards a new, uncharted life. As a result, we usually end up avoiding the important habits that maintain a healthy body and mind.

Ironically, the times our bodies are crying out most for exercize is when we neglect it. So it's important to force ourselves to fit execerize into our lives, as it will minimize the harmful effects of stress and help clear your mind to encourage a healthier, more positive outlook on life and your current situation.

Here, Debbie talks with Debra Mazda ME.d, about the importance of exercise after divorce. Debra is a motivational speaker, personal trainer, and nutritionist — and used to weight 300 pounds. Check out this episode to learn how she did it, and how you can get fit and fabulous yourself.

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