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My ex-husband Jake had an issue with my period in that he refused to have sex with me if I had it. There was a day he called "the day," the day I claimed my period was over but it still lingered. "Is it the day?" he would ask, all suspicious.

My friend Maria IMed me the other day. "I didn't think there were men left in the world who wouldn't have sex with a woman on her period." As I was about to reply, she added, "I went to a sex party last night and was turned down by three different people!"

Maria's life is very different from mine.

This has been easy enough thus far; I simply schedule around it. I schedule, but I don't discuss. It's one thing to discuss your menstrual cycle with your husband. It's quite another with someone you are casually dating.

A few weeks ago, I met someone I really liked. Someone from out of town. There's no scheduling around a flight home. Things were mostly over, but, well, it was "the day."

How do you say, "I don't know that you should put your face there just now, since my period just ended and I can't really vouch for taste?" That's not the kind of thing you can just let someone find out on their own, but how? What are the rules of etiquette in these situations?

In this case, those were about the words I used, having failed to come up with anything better. Surprisingly, it wasn't at all awkward, which certainly says something about this particular guy.

I don't know that my questions are answered though. If anyone knows where I can buy the brochure, please let me know.

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