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1. Going from two incomes to one. I have to learn about things like investing and retirement, and I have to figure them out on my own. How do I turn a teacher's paycheck into financial stability?

2. How do I look naked? My ass is no longer something I'm terribly comfortable with.

3. How little shaving can I get away with? I have no idea how much shaving, waxing, and personal grooming women who aren't on cable TV actually do. I have no idea how much the guys I might sleep with actually care.

4. Falling down. I'm not terribly graceful — falling over the coffee table and breaking my leg is a very real possibility. How long will it take for someone to find me?

5. Something will break. What if something terrible happens to the car or the plumbing? There will be no one to take me to work or help find a bucket. There's no longer built-in catastrophe assistance.

7. I am turning 33. What if, when I decide I'm ready for someone else, I'm too old to find him? What if I'm not ready for years and years and there's a window of time I'm missing?

8. I don't want kids. What if this proves to be a deal-breaker for anyone I might want a relationship with?

9. What if I do want kids? What if I wake up one day, realize that I do want them, and then I'm single and too old?

10. Most unlikely, but most frightening — What if I realize, in five years, that what I had wasn't so bad? That it's better than what I have now? That I was just discontent and demanding and should have realized that this is all one ever gets, really? What if I have regrets?

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