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I'm in Texas on tour and I'm staying with a wonderful couple. They are 10 years apart in age. He is 48 and she is 38. He's been married and divorced twice and she's been married and divorced once. They inspired a song on my new album and I thought I would share their story and song with you.

A few years ago, they were both single and frustrated by the dating game. Their friends encouraged each of them to put a profile up on a dating Website. Reluctantly, they did. Within a week, they chatted online and set up a date.

Neither one was aware at the time that neither of them had ever done this before. Amid anxious nerves, they met at a restaurant and the spark was lit. They have been together ever since.

Now, this story of Internet dating isn't one I hear a lot from my friends. Many of my friends spend years and years trying to find their perfect match, but this couple found each other on the first try!

Anyway, they live on Mauna Loa Lane and as a songwriter when something sticks in your brain, it's best to see where it goes. I loved the name of their street and I also found it funny that this couple was almost embarrassed to say they met on the Internet. So, as a good friend, I gave them a new romance story in a song. Click below to download the song.


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