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I don't have children, but everyone always tell me they are funny little creatures who can be unfailingly honest. My friends have told me stories where their children have shared too much information with guests and chuckle about their inability to utilize the filter that comes with age and experience.

I was on the end of such an encounter last Saturday. I had a gig and it was geared more for families, so I needed to tone down some of my stage banter for a younger audience. It was a pretty fun show and it had been a long time since I had been around that many children. Their enthusiasm was contagious!

After the show, many of them wanted autographs and wanted to know if I knew Hannah Montana or any movie stars who lived in New York. Then, one very shy little boy approached me. He mumbled that his name was Mitch. I shook his hand and asked him how old he was and replied that he was nine. Then, he said, "Your music made me feel really good right here" and he pointed at his heart.

I looked at this little boy and my eyes filled with tears and I thanked him for sharing that with me. I didn't want to fall apart in front of him and scare the poor kid half to death, but every time I think about him, I get pretty choked up. With everything going on right now, I think I needed to hear that.

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