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There’s been a lot of research on how divorce affects children, but little attention has been given to adult children of divorce.

A new study reveals that children of divorced parents are “roughly twice as likely to become divorced.” Brian D’Onofrio of the University of Indiana-Bloomington, suggests that children of divorced parents face a 66% “increased risk of divorce” in their own marriages.

Approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce. What is more startling is that an estimated 40% of adults, ages 18 to 40, come from homes with broken marriages.

Some of the reasons for so many failed marriages might be found in the consequences divorce has on adult children. Adult children from divorced homes may have problems in dating and in intimate relationships. They are less trusting of their partners compared to people from intact families. They share negative attributes about marriage and look upon their own relationships as a high risk venture.

According to the research, it seems that without strong role models for a good marriage, these adults are more open to allowing divorce to become an option when marital conflict arises.

Adult children of divorce might find good role models and counseling resources in their communities or from volunteer support groups.

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  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 01 August 2011 20:32 posted by Guest

    Adult children divorce parents: yea joe i agree my roommate & I went through different upbrings but yet we were both socially and mentally dramatized by our divorced parents. Furtunately we learned to forgive and being to heal after learning things about ourselves in this">BOOK.