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Ah, the stigma of divorce. It's lovely, isn't it? You decide to end a relationship that isn't working, and then get tons of labels heaped on you. Let's see a few perceptions I've had slapped onto me because I decided to be single:

I'm a threat. The single woman is that person who is going to come in and charm everyone's husband into their bed. This label is usually provided by women in unhappy marriages who already feel they're on the brink of divorce.

I'm a cougar. Recently released into the world of options for sex, the single woman is one who is going to sleep with younger men who offer no attachments and a great night in bed. The cougar lablel is generally offered by women who wish they were more attractive or who lack sex in their own relationship.

I'm confused. Single at middle age? Unable to handle commitment? The single woman obviously has her priorities mucked up and doesn't realize that holding on to a terrible relationship is the best choice in the world. This label usually comes from women who are jealous of free will and the ability to take action.

I'm making a mistake. Running hand-in-hand with the confusion label, single women are obviously making a big mistake. It's very clear everyone else knows what's best except the person that the divorce really concerns. This label generally gets handed out by women who don't know you at all and who also know everything. Or think they do.

I'm unstable. The decision to end a relationship obviously means that the single woman can't stick with a plan and lacks the capacity to commit to long-term goals. She will be flaky, unreliable and not a person you can depend on. This label usually comes from people who don't realize how bad it really was.

I'm immoral. The single woman obviously spurns all responsibilities and wants a life of freedom to sleep around, drink copious amounts of alcohol and may fall into recreational drugs. I love this label - it tends to come from the people who are hell-bent on religion.

I'm a bad mother. The woman with children who opts for divorce is obviously unable to see the devastation of little minds and the ripping apart of their worlds. Mothers shouldn't divorce, it seems, even if the husbands wreck them emotionally, financially and physically. This label always comes from ignorant people with closed minds who don't realize there are other ways to have a healthy family.

I could go on. But I won't. Enough said.

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