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My parents divorced when I was nine, and I spent half the week at my mom’s and the other part of the week at my dad’s. The nights would alternate.

Now that I’m in my twenties, I realize that I learned very good organizational skills from living in a divorced household. Packing for a sleepover on a daily basis definitely taught me how to think ahead. In retrospect, I am also very flexible and adaptable.

However, there are definite tips I can suggest to make it easier for your kids.

1. Have your children keep a copy of their school schedule with them all the time (or leave a copy at each house) so that they always know which books, sports equipment, ballet shoes, etc. they’ll need for the next day.

2. Create a homework space at each house. I used to do my homework in my bedroom at my dad's house and in the kitchen at my mom's house.

3. Always have your kids save and back-up their work, or travel with their laptop if they have one. When I was a kid, we had floppy disks and always carried a case of three in my backpack (now they have USB memory sticks). If they’re going back and forth between houses they may have to start a paper at one house and finish it at the other. They should always back up their work on a memory stick and carry it with them.

4. Kids, don't feel bad for yourselves. There are a lot worse things in life. In the end this challenge will probably only make you stronger.

5. Help make your kids’ new home more homey. Create something for them at each house so they can feel at home while they’re there (whether it is decorating their rooms or keeping their favorite food in the fridge).

6. Encourage your children to get extra school flyers. Sometimes I gave it to one parent and not the other, leading a parent to not know of a school event. But parents, you should also ask the school so that it automatically gets sent to you, too.

7. Kids, it gets better in time. You will figure out a routine, and then it becomes normal.

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