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Think back to that defining moment. You know, the one where you knew your marriage was over, that all bets were off. Here, the ladies of of "The D-Word" discuss when they knew their marriages had come to an end. What was your last straw?

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  • Comment Link PJA Sunday, 07 August 2011 23:32 posted by PJA

    Re: Depression!: Smoores gave you some great advice. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself & ultimately take care of your little girl. You have every right to be part of her life. Good luck!

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 07 August 2011 15:44 posted by Guest

    It sounds like you are in a: It sounds like you are in a tough situation. The first thing I would tell you is that you need to take care of yourself. I hear in your words that this has been a big emotional struggle for you and I really believe that maybe you should get some legal help and professional emotional support. I know that can be tough financially for many (trust me I so know that part of the bargain) but even if you don't have insurance for the medical part of it, there are organizations that will help you both medically and legally. Seek help in the location where you are. Once you do that, you are on your way to the maximum input you can have in your child's life. I can't believe a court that sees a mother working on her problems will forbid her to see her daughter. This is win-win for you because you will get the help and support your seek and that help will make you healthier so that the time you do get with your daughter gives quality to you both.

    And when you have these people on your side you will learn not to listen to your ex so much. He's not on your side. It's up to you to protect yourself and do the best thing for you and your relationship with your daughter whether he likes it or not.

    I wish you the best and there is tons of support available from the wonderful and compassionate women on this site.

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 07 August 2011 13:43 posted by Guest

    Depression!: I have been separated from my ex for almost a year and a half now. He has taken custody of our baby girl who'll turn 8 this December! I have moved out of his hometown and mine and come to a new place to re-start my life all over again. I still haven't got the legal divorce cert yet, he doesnt reply to my texts or mails or answer my calls! Guess he wants to fight custody on grounds of desertion! He has asked me not to enter his hometown even on the days of the hearing and just to keep the water still and not turn it murky for my little one I complied! It's so hard, I thought I could manage it but it gets depressing, especially when mutual friends visit him and take pictures and post them on facebook so I can see my girl. Sometimes my ex does it deliberately to hurt me and let me know they are getting on fine without me and it just throws me back into depression and all the hard work to stay composed, focused goes down the drain. I know it was my fault, but I couldn't just go on any longer. I really need to connect to girls who have been thru similar experience so I can draw strength from them. It feels like depression wont let me live in peace! Somebody talk to me please. I am a dam waiting to burst and release my emotions, havent cried for almost five years when the thing started. Legally, according to my ex, I am separated this year past but I actually left home 5 years ago and havent been able to move on, cant connect with men, the only man I can connect with is married! What shit luck!