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It’s one thing to be ready for dating again after divorce.  It’s a whole other thing to be ready for your Ex to jump in the ring as well.  Here, Sarah and the D-Girls contemplate all the mixed emotions that come with knowing that he’s going to be moving on as well.

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  • Comment Link Mary Tuesday, 29 November 2011 23:22 posted by Mary

    dating on the internet: I'm 63 and began dating on the internet about 6 months ago. 11 years ago I went through a terrible divorce, then met and lived with a much younger man for 10 year. My ego took a beating when he decided that he wanted children and moved out. At first I took internet dating too seriously because I had not actually dated in at least 38 years, and I worried that men(most want a picture)would no longer find me attractive. But it has turned out to be a self esteem booster. I choose to only date men that I find interesting and attractive, and who express the same interest in me. I followed information that I found on the internet about safe dating practices, and I only meet first dates for coffee or lunch in a public place. There have not been large numbers of dates because I usually talk to a potential date on the phone first, and determine if we actually want to meet, or if logistics or incompatible lifestyles make meeting unrealistic. About two months ago, however, I met a man in his late 60's on the dating site, and we have great "chemistry' but know that time will tell us if we have what it takes to be real companions. I try not to have expectations and just enjoy our dates. I've learned that no matter the age, people can "fall" for one another, and it feels just like it did when I was young. But, the difference is that experience has taught me to enjoy the feelings,and also know that they are not the basis of a lasting relationship. The process of building an internet "profile" has helped me define what I really need and want from a partner now; the things "chemistry" cannot provide. Internet dating has made it possible to meet people that I would never have met in my limited community. It is a good way to make new friends, and to develop dating skills. I have learned to be safe, be patient, and to tell the truth, especially to myself.