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Oprah Winfrey has just officially blamed blue corns chips for her weight gain and is now going to switch to sweet potatoes as her drug of choice. Beat ya, Oprah!

I found the sweet potato flat belly connection right after Thanksgiving.

The blue corn chip people must be totally bummed because you know what happens when Oprah has something negative to say about your product.

On the other hand, the Mississippi Sweet Potato Council must be out drinking champagne.

I started investing in "Blue Chips" myself after I read a blurb in Firstmagazine saying "blue corn chips are a boon to dieters." "They contain 20% more muscle building protein and have a lower glycemic index than other tortilla chips so they won't trigger fat storing blood sugar spikes. And blue chips are rich in heart helping anti oxidants called anthocyanins." They were supposedly a guilt-free snack. SNACK being the operative word here.

Oprah admitted eating a bag a day, calling the blue chips her drug of choice. Have you ever seen the size of a bag of organic multi-grain blue chips? It's bigger than a decorative pillow. When you have a bag on the couch with you it's almost like having company. As a divorced woman who's spent many a night on the couch in front of the TV alone, I know how food can become welcome company.

The blue corn chip people were quick to suggest the weight gain might not have happened if Oprah had — people company. They consider their blue chips to be "social chips that are meant to be shared." Well maybe those blue chip people should have put a warning on the bag saying, "Don't try these at home if you live alone." Maybe they should add a warning from the Blue Chip General, too, saying, "Eating this whole bag by yourself will cause a fat ass."

Truthfully Oprah, I thought the blue chips were better for you too and I have blown through my share of giant bags, however I got the word about sweet potatoes banishing bloat in 24 hours and accelerating the organs breakdown of belly fat for fuel before you did. I  also started exercising again — a lot. You and I apparently have the same slow metabolism so we can't afford not to.

I will warn you, though, sitting on the couch with a sweet potato isn't as much fun as that bag of blue chips.

Attitude is everything!

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