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There was a sense of relief when the divorce was finalized and there was nothing left in the house that belonged to my husband. But there was also a sense of dread. I dreaded stumbling across some nostalgic token from our marriage. I dreaded the photo albums resurfacing from the large black garbage bag. Or did he take half of those too? I knew there might be a time where I could look at those things but it definitely wasn't right away. 
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Thursday, 21 November 2013 16:19
Anyone who has been through a divorce knows the devastation of the initial split. First, one of you says the “D” word, and the pain of that yet undiscovered reality lures over you, threatening to dismantle your life. Finally, one or both of you take action, and the decision to separate is made. Many couples co-habitate for a while even though they are no longer together in any way except on paper. But eventually, someone moves out. A silence falls upon the house that was never there before, and you feel small in your big bed at night. There is an awkward period of transitioning into this new single existence. Emotionally and practically speaking, your house is not in order.
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013 17:14
My ex-husband has always been very active in social media. He has to be, because it is good for the promotion of his career. When we were together,  it didn’t bother me much when Facebook friends of his would make a comment on a picture of the two of us, or that people who weren’t friends of mine would send me a friend request because I was his wife. It did began to annoy me very much when his Facebook fan page spilled over into my private life, with so-called “fans” spamming me with requests. I politely declined them, but never fully escaped from my ex’s online presence encroaching into my own little online world. I didn’t need to do any personal internet marketing, and always have used Facebook simply as a way to stay in touch with friends who had moved far away.  But he used his online presence to generate sales, so he accepted friend requests from everyone, including long lost family members, ex-girlfriends, and his estranged father. Things started to get a little messy. When we divorced a few years later, things got even messier.  
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Friday, 28 June 2013 17:21
This is a story about a bride who walked down the aisle thinking, “He’ll change or I’ll get used to it.”  It is a story about doing everything I could to make everyone happy at my own expense and having it blow up in my face. Sound familiar? 
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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 16:41
A marriage is the unification of two people to make one life, but not to make one person. When that life ends in divorce, it feels as though a big piece of you has been cut away, leaving behind a jagged edged wound on what remains. A whole chapter of your life has been deleted, and what’s left in its place is the person you are outside of that life. You have always been there, though at times you may have disappeared, or felt invisible. Now, you can find yourself again. You may discover that even if you’re wounded, you are still whole. You move on, and just as an author masters her story, so can you. From this moment, you are writing a new chapter in your life. 
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Monday, 24 June 2013 15:32
Are you and your spouse about to embark on a mutually agreed-upon, amicable divorce? Are you both on the same page about such issues as spousal support, division of assets and/or property, and custody? Then you may want to consider mediation, a less costly alternative to divorce.
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 04:00
Divorce is an overwhelming experience. Your body is bombarded with a kind of stress that goes well beyond the surface and into the core of your being. It isn’t as simple as feeling run down, or having dark circles under your eyes from poor sleep. The stress that comes from loss and grief over separating from your partner in life is a kind of stress that takes its toll even as it goes unnoticed. As women, we are used to taking care of others, forgetting that we have to take care of ourselves, too. But during a divorce, it is crucial to take extra care of yourself, beginning with your mind.
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Monday, 17 June 2013 15:05
Debbie talks with Amanda Lamb, author of Smotherhood - Wickedly Funny Confessions From the Early Years, about why you shouldn't talk negatively about your former spouse in front of your kids. Amanda shares tips on how to bite your tongue, even though it can be…
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Thursday, 31 January 2013 14:15
Christmas:   There are lights!  Millions of them!  Hannukah is the festival of lights, yet we got nothing on these Christmas folks.  Celebrate the birth of an adorable baby named Jesus!  Look he is in a manger surrounded by super cute animals.  He is perfect and his mom is a virgin.  Then, we have Santa  flying around with adorable deer dropping everything you ever wished for down your chimney. Everyone is singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,  I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Holly Jolly Christmas even humming that cool Charlie Brown Christmas song.Hannukah:  Our homes are unadorned.  Maybe if our parents let us, we put one of those electric menorahs in the window and for eight nights we get to screw in another bulb.  Yay!  Gather round kids!  We have to light the menorah with real candles in the kitchen..the wax drips.Now kids picture this, the Jews are being forced out of their homeland and they are wandering the desert with a tiny lamp.  Wandering, wandering, and it is getting really fucking dark now, and they still have like another week of wandering to go.  This tiny lamp will never burn for the entire time, and they will lose their way and step on things and maybe cut their feet.  Lo and behold it burns the whole eight days, coincidentally the week before Christmas.
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Thursday, 13 December 2012 04:17
Since when does loving someone mean living together with him 24/7? Since when do deep feelings and emotions between two people mean that you're built to cohabitate and function well under the same roof?Since never, if you ask me.There's a &
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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 08:56
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