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I want to play by the school's rules, honest I do. But when they are just plain stupid and possibly endangering my child's well being, not so much.Even with continued therapy, K's panic attacks are an issue. If I knew then what I know now, I would have skipped steps one through 10 and just hidden her &
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Saturday, 11 April 2009 13:08
I thought I was ready to be off of Prozac. Who was I kidding? I have a Serotonin deficiency – it doesn’t make me a crazy person. It makes me a person with a chemical disorder, and I’m tired of apologizing or being embarrassed about it. As my dear old psychiatrist Dr. Hamilton told me, “If&
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Monday, 09 March 2009 15:26
The only thing in my head this week is a thick lingering pain from the face-splitting headache I had four days into the flu. That was Tuesday. Now it’s just dull pressure behind my eyeballs when I move them too quickly in any direction.I was going write up a few nice Flu survival tips here.&
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Friday, 06 March 2009 08:01
"Oh, man, I can’t believe he hit Rihanna!” This is what my daughter said to me this morning as we were getting ready for school. I listened to her talk about how low it was for Chris Brown to do this and how no one should ever hit Rihanna, and then I calmly turned toward her, and I…
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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 13:14
Oprah Winfrey has just officially blamed blue corns chips for her weight gain and is now going to switch to sweet potatoes as her drug of choice. Beat ya, Oprah!I found the sweet potato flat belly connection right after&
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Saturday, 10 January 2009 16:06
Approximately 1.8 billion people, including children and infants, live without indoor plumbing, and the water source that they may have is often as much as a mile away.I'm not getting up on a soap box; but this fact is important when you are trying to explain to your 12- and 13-year-old kids that our &
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Saturday, 10 January 2009 09:00
Serious winter calls for serious sunshine. I just pulled mine out of the closet. I bought my Verilux HappyLite a couple years ago. People laughed and laughed until they tried it and got happy, too.This year especially, nothing could be cheaper than taking a vacation in your living room. Talk about&
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Wednesday, 07 January 2009 15:22
Happy New Year! Time for new resolutions. I decided to try Zumba.You may have seen the new infomercials of the gyrating hips hopping their way to weight loss. Me too. My local gym added the class this week so I went. How hard can gyrating be?Ask my stiff neck.The music&
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Saturday, 03 January 2009 02:28
I don't drink. It took a long time and some hard knocks to teach me that I just ought not consume alcohol, because my life is better when I don't.  But New Year's Eve is a good time for me to remember…
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 23:23
I think I want to become a cashier. In yesterday's classifieds I found an ad seeking Cashiers — yes, with a capital C. One of the grocery stores I frequent is looking for cashiers (who also will get to stock shelves and&
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Friday, 26 December 2008 17:10