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Advertising Philosophy

First Wives World is redefining the concept of social community. How? We are not just a website – we are a connection to one of the most underserved yet most deserving audiences — strong women, moving toward a new stage of life. This community is tightly knit and very conscious of those who are part of their journey. You are selective about who you want to associate with and so are we.

We aren’t interested in attracting advertising clients; we are interested in welcoming allies. Those who see the potential of our community and want to learn what your real needs are, how those needs can be met, and then how we can work together to form bonds that will last a lifetime. During this transition in your life, you don’t want to be sold to; you want to take control. You don’t need more products; you crave new inspiration.

Only by deciding to make a real tangible commitment to this community will companies be accepted, not just by us, but by our true decision makers – you. All of you have created true friendships, discovered new confidantes, and become heroes to each other. You share a bond that no social community can match. Your lives have been transformed and you are ready to rediscover and reignite your imagination and independent spirit.

Any brand partners we bring to you, we of course want to be successful. That means that we have expectations for them and their involvement with you, our community. Engaging you means they first have to really know you. We want their first step to be to learn and then "apply." Our partners will want to take this new proprietary understanding of our huge family to craft ideas, solutions, products, and services that directly address real needs and desires. Not just take an existing product and “advertise” it. Our mission is to guide them in their learning before undertaking any action with you.

When we work with companies, we expect them to deliver nothing less than the best to you. Your trust in firstwivesworld and this community is important, and we don’t intend to violate that trust. It’s been hard earned and it’s our biggest strength. We’re on this journey together and we want to lend whatever support and encouragement you want or need. It’s based on our respect for you, for your time, and your beliefs. That means that there are brand/companies in the world that could be part of your world – if you want to let them in.

This is your site, your friends, your community. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations for the kinds of companies (or brands) you would like to see on the site. Remember, you’re a community of 20 million strong. You have the power to make brands and companies successful, and you can help us decide who we should involve in this new relationship of open and interactive dialogue between some very smart, opinionated, and successful people – You.

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